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Faculty, TSM Research


Function / Statut

  • Full Professor

Research Area

  • Marketing


Sandra Laporte is a Full Professor at Toulouse School of Management, specialising in Marketing. Sandra is the co-director of TSM-Research and the Marketing Track Coordinator on the TSM Doctoral Programme. She has also been awarded a Junior Chair by the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) in 2022.

Her research focuses on how consumers interact with technology, and specifically their perceptions of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, she investigates the development of false beliefs and opinion polarization in a disinformation context. She also works on the psychological history of eating behaviors. 

Sandra’s work has been published in international journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. Sandra is Associate Editor of Research et Applications en Marketing, and a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Sandra obtained her doctorate at HEC Paris in 2010. She has previously held Assistant Professor and Associate Professor roles at HEC Montreal.