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Doctoral Programme : Strategy and international management

The Strategy and International Management course aims at training prospective researchers to develop their research skills, explore new research interests and expand their understanding of their chosen research topic.

Conducted through

Full time programme

Teaching Language


Programme type

In person



Required Level for Entry

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +4

Level Obtained

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +9


5 years


300 ECTS

Programme Structure

In close collaboration with the professors, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting research topics such as innovation management and entrepreneurship; sustainable growth strategies (M&A, alliances, networks); strategizing and the role of middle managers, corporate political activities; sustainable business models, etc. The characteristic of the researchers of the track is to conduct research in close collaborations with national and international companies and institutions. The Strategy and International Management deploys in its discipline the values promoted by TSM-DP of ethics, rigor, respect, excellence and professionalism. The specialization courses will allow you to develop your own program of research.

The first year of the Doctoral Programme is a Master of Science, which allows for students to develop the necessary skills for PhD research as well as identify a research supervisor and develop their research project. After successfully completing their Master of Science, students are able to apply for funding to continue into the second year of the Doctoral Programme. Alternatively, students can choose to exit the Programme with their Master of Science. From the second year of the Programme onwards students work closely with their supervisors to deepen their understanding of the theory and methodology of their chosen discipline, conduct original research and form timely contributions to their field of study. 

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  • 12 %

    Admission rate

  • 100 %

    Graduates with professional activity

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