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Fatima Hassan - RP

"The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Global Management is a 3-year broad-based undergraduate business and management program. The Bachelor program in Golab Management is an undergraduate-level worldwide business program designed to offer students comprehensive knowledge in management throughout various disciplines. The BGM blends robust academic basics with real-international practical insights, aiming to equip undergraduate college students with well-rounded training. It achieves this by fostering a dynamic knowledge of the environment that integrates innovative coaching methodologies that include flipped class, project-based, and experiential learning and promotes worldwide perspectives.

The BGM encompasses several foundational concepts and values that are instilled in students during their academic adventure. In addition to nurturing a sturdy program identity, students are encouraged to domesticate an entrepreneurial mindset and a deep commitment to sustainable development. Moreover, this program places a significant emphasis on fostering ethical awareness, maintaining educational rigor, promoting an international angle, and striving for excellence in all learning perspectives and professional improvement.

In addition to imparting critical knowledge on key management topics, the BGM is strategically designed to empower students in several approaches. Notably, it encourages students to actively form their academic journey through creating global experiences via academic international mobility. This method fosters autonomy and active learning, preparing students to broaden and shape their career paths. The comprehensive program objectives are to put together students for loads of career paths, consisting of positions in industry, entrepreneurial jobs, or different educational careers at the Master’s level, each in France and on the global stage.

The program aims to attract high-achieving students with exceptional academic backgrounds from around the globe who demonstrate an enthusiastic commitment to pursuing careers in management. More specifically, the program seeks individuals eager to infuse an international perspective into their Bachelor’s education and harbor ambitions for global projects in their future endeavors.

To gain admission to the BGM, the faculty heads emphasize several criteria. These include the applicant's proficiency in English, linguistic capabilities, and engagement in activities that reflect their global outlook. Additionally, for applicants to the first year of the program, a solid foundation in mathematics is highly regarded.

In line with the program’s international orientation, our admissions process is particularly attentive to candidates who have followed the European undergraduate or international high school, although we welcome applications from different educational backgrounds."

Fatima Hassan

Head of programme