The pedagogy, the international outlook, the presence of qualified professionals as teachers in the classrooms contribute to the success of TSM with students and companies.

Internships: areas and level of study

Our professionalised programmes teach our students skills in the area of management such as: accounting and control, finance, marketing, human resources management and strategy. 

Internships are mandatory in the Bachelor and Master programmes.

Optional internships are also recommended and require an internship agreement. 


Offering an internship

Start with creating your recruiter profile on TSM Connect.

From there, click on the "internships" tab, then "publish an internship offer" and fill in the fields.


TSM Connect


When you post an internship ad, do not forget:

  • the name of your company
  • a precise description of the proposed assignment
  • the profile of the student you are looking for (preferred training, degree level)
  • the desired location and duration
  • additional information (vehicle, travel, etc.)
  • the SIRET number if you are a first-time poster (this number is unique to each French company)
  • the stipend

Upon validation by the Corporate Relations Department, your internship ad will be visible to our students. The procedure is the same for a work-study offer. 


Timing, duration and stipend

  • The period and duration of internships depend on the course of study followed by the students.
  • In order to better target your search for interns, consult the internship periods for the year 2021-2022.




  • An internship may not exceed 924 hours (including any overtime) in the same company during the same academic year (this applies to all internships, including gap year internships and internships abroad).                                                                                                      
  • For internships in France: the stipend is mandatory when the duration is greater than or equal to 309 hours and this is done retroactively, at the rate of 3€90 per hour of presence per month. 
  • For internships abroad: the law of the country applies regarding the stipend. Internships may not be compensated.


Practical tools: regulations, internship guide, stipend calculation

Please note: No internship can start without the internship agreement being signed by all the parties involved.



Internship Office