DSCG - Master Level Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management (Full Time Programme, Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

Full time programme French-taught programme Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education


Alain DONADIO / Patrick DUMAS
Head of Programme

Marie-Christine BRUEL
Administrative Officer

Applying to the Programme

Application period for the 2023-2024:

→ submission of applications: March 1, 2023
→ closing of applications: June 9, 2023
→ publication of admissions: July 3, 2023
→ candidates' responses: July 7, 2023



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RNCP Code : 35044


The Accounting and Management Advanced Studies programme (le Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion) provides complete preparation for the French national accounting exam. The programme can last for up to two years based on the student’s previous studies and experiences.

This well-known programme prepares students to enter the work force directly after graduation or to continue their accounting studies at the post-graduate level. The faculty is composed of university professors as well as active professionals (accountants, tax inspectors, etc.)

This nationally recognised 2 year Master’s programme is made up of 7 class modules. Students who succeed in passing all of the programme’s exams, independent from any French national accounting exam, will obtain an Accounting and Management Advanced Studies degree. 


The programme functions as a work-study degree under a professionalization contract (the contract must include the timing of the programme) that the student has arranged with a compliant company, accounting firm, financial advisor council, or public organisation. 

Students of the programme will spend 3 days of the week at their place of work and 2 days at TSM for courses. 

For the first year of the programme, courses will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays and for the second year of the programme Thursdays and Fridays. 

The pedagogical team is made out of professor-researchers, PhD teachers and professionals (accountants, tax specialists...) who are able to administer, correct or assess national exams.

First Year of the Programme

UE 01 - Legal, Taxation, and Social Management 
UE 02 - Finance
UE 04 - Accounting 
UE 06 - Oral exams on the topic of the economy, performed partially in English 

Second Year of the Programme 

Duration: 279 hours of classes (lectures and tutorials)
Training rhythm: 1 to 3 days of classes at TSM per week (Thursday and Friday), with few classes from February to May.

UE 03 – Management and Financial Control 
UE 05 – Information Systems Management 
UE 07 – Professional Relations 

This programme is accessible to all students who have successfully completed an Accounting Bachelor’s programme (Diplôme de Comptabilité et Gestion ou Diplôme d'Etudes Comptables et Financières) or an equivalent degree, or a relevant Master’s degree. 

The admissions process for this programme goes as follows: all students must submit an application, chosen applicants will then be invited to schedule an interview with an accounting firm, financial or accounting department of a company, an association, or a public organisation in order to finalise a professionalization contract.

No English language certification required.

Following a DCG in a public high school, the continuation of my studies towards a DSCG seemed natural to me. The DSCG enjoys an irrefutable attraction with the accounting and financial profession. The 5-month internship in the second year adds a very enriching practical contribution to the training following our five years of theoretical acquisitions (DCG / DSCG).


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At the end of the course, graduates will be able to :

  • register for the Diplôme d'Expertise Comptable (DEC)
  • apply in accounting firms for the following positions: head of mission, manager, senior manager
  • apply in companies for the following positions: head of accounting or management control, financial analyst, director of administrative, accounting and/or financial services, etc.

These opportunities are mentioned by the Organisation of Experts Comptables (OEC) at: The curriculum | Official website of the Ordre des experts-comptables.

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