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Adrien Mercier, student in Master 2 Financial markets and risk evaluation

Adrien Mercier, student in Master 2 Financial markets and risk evaluation

  • Current programme: Master Finance - track M2 Financial markets and risk evaluation (2022-2023)

  • Year of graduation: 2022-2023
  • Baccalaureate Specialties: economics
  • Country of origin: Belgium

Why did you choose Toulouse?

I chose Toulouse because it was the best option to follow the desired course at an acceptable cost. Staying in France, and going to the south, was the best choice. I also knew that Toulouse was a sunny, welcoming and student-friendly city, which confirmed my choice.

Why did you choose TSM?

TSM was an opportunity for me to go on a study trip and get a Double Degree, an additional experience that could make a difference in my future career. I chose TSM because I wanted to follow a course based on trading and financial markets, which TSM offered.

What is your best memory of your life in France?

I don't have a "best memory" of my life in France, I think the overall memory of my life in France is particularly good. Being independent and living with the southern sun, the vegetation, the pink/orange colour of the bricks of the city of Toulouse has been throughout this year a real pleasure. It made me notice the impact and the importance of the environment in our lives.

Why would you recommend TSM to students from your home school?

I would recommend TSM to these students for the relevant and important training it offers, as well as for the experience of living in Toulouse.

3 adjectives to describe TSM

Enriching, warm, and cheerful.