International students

Magi Roosi, 2011-2012

Being a student in France is way more difficult then I expected before coming here. Firstly because this is my first experience studying in foreign language, which means more time to understand and making bigger efforts then in native language. Secondly, systems here are different - The most supprising and difficult for me was bureaucracy and adapting it as in my country, there is as less bureaucracy as it can be and everything is Internet-based. Often felt that I am lost in this system. But facing the difficulties makes us strong, so I don't regret coming to France, on the contrary, I would like to continue Master (after bachelor) studies in France.

The courses taken here were very interesting and definetly useful. I have seen the French culture and their way of thinking an living and it has been so interesting. People are much more open and friendly compares to my country.. I have got to know so many new things which I did not have any idea before. My challenge coming in France was also to learn the language and now, I don't afraid to speak and ofcourse I try to improve it even more. Also I had the honor of presenting my country in Saint-Alban in European Day.

To conclude, I could say that this experience has been wonderful and can't wait to come back in France. By the way, I stay here for summer as well to improve my language and maybe find an intership.


Jiawan Liu,2011-2012

In choosing destination for my exchange study, Toulouse was high on my list. As a big city, I figured that it would have a fair amount of attractions that I have never seen. The mild climate proved perfect living conditions for citizens. The air there is fresh with little pollution although the traffic jams are unsatisfactory.

What impressed me most are the people in Toulouse who are nice and always ready to give you a hand. I would never forget the staff, professors and classmates of UT1 that gave me millions of assistance.

In the end, I try to give some suggestion for UT1. I really appreciated the residence tips and transportation tips from international relations office before my arrival in Toulouse. And I think it would be better if we exchange students can have some outdoor activities with local students and teachers besides orientation. As for me, orientation is far from enough, it’s better to keep constant link between exchange students and local people so that exchange students can adapt to the local life better and quickly, and explore the French culture more thoroughly.

Anyway, looking back nearly one month of European travel and 7 trips in France, my stay in Toulouse achieved my peak of satisfaction. I hope I can visit Toulouse again some day, and I love.

Toulouse truly, sincerely, passionately.