Life at TSM

Student Body Association

The TSM Student Body Association is in charge of organising student social life on campus.

The TSM Student Body Association (BDE) is there to organise student life and make the years at TSM unforgettable. It allows all students to get to know other students and TSM alumni and to build strong bonds of friendship and work through clubs and, above all, through its unmissable events:

  • the Integration Week and Weekend,
  • the Gala.

But that's not all: students can take advantage of the numerous parties and activities (after-work, conferences, business-dating...) to develop with the BDE and build their common future from now on.

At TSM, the BDE does not only organise parties! The BDE is also committed to the environment and is trying at its level to do its bit with the creation of a new pole involved in Sustainable Development for the start of the 2021 academic year.

TSM is a school in the centre of Toulouse! The BDE has been able to develop numerous partnerships (Pumpkin, McDonald's, Starbucks and many others) allowing student members to benefit from discounts throughout the year.

The BDE is always ready to listen to students and answer all their questions about campus life.

Do you want to join TSM? Do you have ambitious projects to submit? The BDE is always looking for talented and motivated people to make community life at TSM even richer and more diversified.

In order to fight against inequalities, the BDE is committed to offering affordable rates to its members and even free admission for scholarship students!

Each year, the BDE renews itself after an election period where the lists compete with initiatives, challenges of all kinds and festivities to win the votes. A month of madness!

So come to TSM and experience life in Toulouse with the BDE!


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