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Faculty, TSM Research

Bastien DAVID

Function / Statut
  • Associate Professor
Research Area
  • Accounting


Bastien David is an Associate Professor at TSM since September 2023. Bastien in Environmental Accounting. He obtained his PhD from Montpellier University in 2022. He previously held positions as Teaching and Research Assistant (ATER) and Teaching Fellow (PRAG) at Montpellier University. Bastien was also funded by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) to complete his thesis, and he also holds a degree in Economics and Management.

He is particularly interested in corporate climate reporting, but more generally in the elements that shape the construction and reading of this reporting. He is also interested in climate change mitigation and adaptation policies implemented by companies. He has published articles on the appropriation of standards by companies, such as the TFCD, and on the connectivity between financial and non-financial reporting in classified journals such as Compatibility, Control, Audit and Social and Environmental Accountability Journal.

Award, honors

"Coup de cœur" thesis prize, Bpifrance le Lab - FNEGE