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Doctoral Programme : Finance

PhD in Finance

To be part of a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative researchers, able to face current and future challenges in Finance

Conducted through

Full time programme

Teaching Language


Programme type

In person

Required Level for Entry

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +5

Level Obtained

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +9


4 years

Double degree




Do you want to deepen your understanding of how management is practiced? Are you willing to inspire new thinking through teaching and research? And have an impact on management policies?

During the second year of the Doctoral Programme (Master of Philosophy 1 (MPhil 1) ), students develop more deeply their research ideas, theoretical models, methodology, and research protocol, while working closely with their academic advisors. From this year, most students also gain pedagogical experience by tutoring /teaching courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. In addition, financial support for conferences and research visits ensures that students can progress under excellent conditions and fully explore international research networks in their field. At the end of the second year students present their current PhD plans and progress to date in front of a panel of academic committee; Years 3 (MPhil 2) and 4 (MPhil 3) of the Doctoral Programme are dedicated to original research and developing a PhD dissertation. Some students require an additional fifth year to finish the PhD dissertation, in which case a part-time teaching contract is generally signed with the University of Toulouse Capitole (ATER contract).

List of research interests:

  • Household Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset pricing and asset management
  • Market Microstructure
  • Banking
  • Venture Capital and entrepreneurship
  • FinTech, blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • Industrial Organisation
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Experimental finance
  • Corporate social responsibility and green finance

Benefits of the programme

  • Engage with internationally renowned scholars
  • Conference and research funding
  • Robust training in conducting original and independent research

Programme Objectives

  • Identify and validate original research questions grounded in theoretical foundations
  • Develop and apply appropriate, innovative and persuasive methods for research projects
  • Conduct critical and reflexive analysis of research findings, impact and outcomes
  • Provide relevant recommendations about practical problems encountered by organisations
  • Actively work in an inclusive, respectful and constructive way with supervisors, researchers and peers both within the institution and the wider international research community
  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral modes with a range of audiences formally and informally through a variety of different techniques and media
  • Understand and apply the codes of conduct and guidelines for scientific rigor, integrity and ethics
  • Teach and/or support student learning at undergraduate and graduate levels
  • 100 %

    Graduates in employment

Student testimonial

TSM is one of the most prestigious school in France and has strong international reputation. It is accredited of EPAS delivered by EFMD (the leading accreditation for business and management school). TSM offers a range of programs in English, which prepares students for successful careers in international environment. TSM has highly qualified and experienced faculty, with many big name professors that are experts in their fields. The faculty are devoted to provide students with high-quality education, and are warm-hearted to help students with any problems (study, life, etc.). TSM offers a dynamic and vibrant research environment, there are workshops and seminars held every week, and students have many opportunities to exchange with and receive feedbacks from the professors
Rui Xiong, DP Doctoral Programme - track PhD Finance
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