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Are you an international student who wants to join TSM in September 2024? The Eiffel Scholarship can make your plans financially sustainable.

How do I get the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship?

The Eiffel programme provides merit-based scholarships to foreign students who wish to study in France for a Master's or a PhD. This financial aid offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aimed at students up to 25 years old for a Master's degree, and up to 30 years for a PhD. French students with dual nationality are not eligible for the Eiffel Scholarship.

For the 2024-2025 school year, TSM will accept Eiffel Scholarship applications at the Master level, but not at the PhD level.

The TSM Doctoral Programme is a 5-year Programme with the first year being an integrated MSc year (Master 2 Master of Science, Research) - the first year is a mandatory part of the Programme. Students write their PhD thesis in the following 4 years. It is therefore mandatory to choose the 'Master' category of Eiffel Scholarship when applying for the Eiffel Scholarship for entry to the TSM Doctoral Programme, which means that the age limit of 25 years applies.

Applicants already enrolled at TSM, or more generally enrolled in the French education system, are not eligible for the Eiffel Scholarship.

When should I apply for the scholarship?

Applications for the 2024-2025 Eiffel Scholarship with TSM are open from October 30 to November 20, 2023. No applications will be accepted after November 20th.

Note that the deadline of January 10, 2024 indicated on the Campus France website applies to universities and not students.

To find out if you are eligible for the Eiffel Scholarship and to learn all the details about this financial aid, please consult the programme rules.

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How and where to apply?

To get the scholarship, you must apply directly to TSM (eCandidatures). Our school will then send the pre-selected applications to Campus France. You cannot apply directly to Campus France.

Submitting an application
Platform opened on 10/30/2023.

Are you an applicant experiencing difficulties submitting your application on eCandidatures?
We have created a series of tutorials to guide you through the process of submitting your application on the platform.
Go to the Candidatures tutorial area

What application documents do I need?

Interview with Viktoriia Totikova, recipient of the Eiffel Scholarship (2022-2023)

Viktoriia Totikova is a Master of Finance student at Toulouse School of Management, and a beneficiary of the Bourse Eiffel, a French scholarship for international students wishing to study in France at Master or Doctoral level.

Viktoriia Totikova

2023 student at Toulouse School of Management in Master Finance, recipient of the Eiffel Scholarship

What costs are covered by the Eiffel Scholarship?

The Eiffel Scholarship amounts to 1,181€ per month for a Master's degree,

It covers:

  • return travel from your country of origin,
  • health expenses,
  • your cultural activities.

The Eiffel Scholarship is a programme from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs meant to help French higher education institutions attract the best foreign students at master's and doctoral levels

This programme allows for the training of future foreign decision-makers from the private and public sectors in priority fields of study.

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For any questions please contact Mélissa Cazes, TSM Incoming Mobility Coordinator.

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