Master 2 Innovation Management (Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education


Head of Programme

Head of Programme

Marie-Hélène MOREAU
Administrative Officer

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Applications for the academic year 2020/2021 took place from February 3 to May 31, 2020. They are now closed.
Whether you are a TSM student or you are considering joining our community:

  • it is no longer possible to complete a forwarded application;
  • you can now follow the progress of your application evaluation on the eCandidatures platform;
  • you can view the decision of the education committee (the results will be published on June 22, 2020).

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The Innovation Management programme aims at training business executives within SMEs, industrial groups, or in the service sector, who specialized in innovation management.


More specifically, students are educated in innovation project management, how to integrate new and efficient tools, and how to improve the overall value of a company through innovation. 


Students use the skills learned in this programme in different capacities at their individual worksites (SMEs, start-ups, industrial groups, service sector, banking, capital risk companies, industrial or corporate property consulting). 

Length : 278 h

Courses take place two days a week (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) during one academic year from October to June. The courses are all taught in french.

UE1 – Financial Engineering
UE2 – Marketing Innovative Products and Services 
UE3 – Legal Engineering 
UE4 – Innovative Project Management 
UE5 – Innovation Strategy 
UE6 - Innovation and Organisational Changes 
UE7 – Competition and Technology Monitoring 
UE8 – Professional assignment / Entrepreneurial project


This programme is available as a work-study or executive education programme. 

Engineers and active business executives may apply for this programme as part of their professional sabbatical. Each application for the programme is evaluated individually based on the nature of the applicant’s previous studies, academic results, learned skills, professional experience, and personal motivation. In addition to the application, applicants may be asked to participate in an interview. 

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  • Engineer business
  • Consultant
  • Innovation Consulting Engineer
  • Project Manager R & D and innovation
  • Development Manager
  • Product manager
  • Knowledge management manager
  • Technology watch manager
  • Business Developer

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