TSM's Digital Teaching Strategy

Digital technology is changing our access to knowledge and the way we train tomorrow's professionals. TSM is committed to distance and hybrid learning. For TSM, students' success in a ever-changing world is our top priority. 

Distance and Blended Learning to Provide Ever Better Support for TSM Students

Digitalisation contributes to the quality of teaching, to the harmonisation of courses. It leads to a rethinking of digital tools and pedagogical practices.
Christelle Théron, associate professor, Pedagogical innovation and digitalisation project manager


Thanks to digital technology, TSM is developing distance and hybrid learning.

By adapting our teaching practices, we help students to acquire cross-disciplinary skills that are valued in the professional world: teamwork, autonomy, flexibility...

We also train them to use the digital tools necessary for their professional integration: collaborative tools, presentation and videoconferencing tools, etc.

Moreover, thanks to these tools, we facilitate interaction between teachers and students and we strengthen the pedagogical monitoring.

An online course has the advantage of offering a level of personalised learning that is not possible in a traditional course. Remotely, when an activity path is created online, it is immediately clear whether the student has successfully completed the exercise or not.
Christelle Théron, associate professor, Pedagogical innovation and digitalisation project manager


In order to maintain socialisation between students and a good group dynamic as well as optimal supervision, we also strive to favour blended-mode learning in order to combine the advantages of e-learning with the benefits of face-to-face courses.  


TSM's Digiteam: a Service Dedicated to Digital Transformation

The Digiteam is one of the services dedicated to digital transformation. It supports teachers in the choice of digital tools and adapted teaching methods and in the creation of teaching resources. More specifically, it manages the TSM Academy platform.


TSM Academy

The TSM Academy is TSM's online learning platform. It offers an innovative learning experience, promoting interactivity and individual feedback with stimulating content, organised in journeys, collaborative activities and exchanges on discussion forums.
TSM students have access to a personalised space that allows them to:

  • follow their results and progress easily, thus developing their metacognitive capacities,
  • quickly build up skills with comprehensive and engaging content,
  • exchange with each other and with teachers via the forums associated with the teaching activities.

TSM's Digital Tools

At TSM, students have access to a range of tools to facilitate their online learning:

  • G Suite for Education: all the Google collaboration and productivity tools accessible from anywhere on the Web;
  • Zoom: the leading solution for setting up virtual classrooms via videoconferencing;
  • Padlet: a virtual whiteboard for online collaboration;
  • Challenge Me: a peer assessment tool to enable students to assess each other and develop the critical analysis, self-regulation and communication skills essential for future managers; 
  • Kahoot: a tool for interactive and fun quizzes.