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Validation of Prior Experience (VPE)

With VPE, skills and knowledge gained through prior studies and professional experience are recognized with a degree.

Any person, regardless of age, nationality, status or education level, who has at least one year of relevant experience directly related to the desired certification, is eligible for VPE.

This certification, which can be a degree, a title, or a professional qualification certificate, must be registered with the French National Directory of Professional Certificates (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles).


Find more information on the VPE website  only available in French


In practice VPE is:

  • A possibility to partially or completely earn a degree without taking classes
  • An opportunity to progress professionally or to earn a promotion
  • A clarification and validation of personal skills

A process that requires a significant commitment of time and effort.


How to get a VPE?

Information sessions and career advising are regularly organized at two different levels:

  • By the career counselors from the Orientation and Information University Service (Service Universitaire d’Information et d’Orientation)
  • By TSM administrators periodically for their different programmes


“VPE Application” Eligibility of a Candidate – Phase 1


You can download the VPE application file on TSM website or receive a print copy from the Executive Education office on TSM campus in office AF9.

On the application, the candidate must explain in a detailed manner all the skills and knowledge gained during her or his experience that are applicable to the degree the candidate would like to obtain.

Once the application has been received, the VPE process is as follows:

  • The application will be reviewed to check whether it is complete.
  • A professor will then determine the pedagogical suitability of the application and possibly invite the candidate for an interview if there are certain parts of her or his application that need clarifying.

Once this first phase is over, the candidate will be informed of the result, and the Director of TSM will grant or refuse her/his registration in the requested programme. At that time, a professor will be assigned to supervise the accepted candidate.


Individual Support – Preparing Documentation - Phase 2

During the individual support phase, the assigned professor will periodically work alongside the candidate to prepare a written synthesis englobing her/his experiences, abilities, and knowledge on the specific subject matter of the requested degree. The professor assists the candidate in:

  • organising and analysing her/his experiences in order to best emphasise their relevance to the requested degree syllabus
  • facilitating the writing of the synthesis
  • preparing the candidate for her/his oral presentation in front of the VPE jury

Once the candidate’s application has been accepted, she/he will be invited by the VPE jury to defend her or his written synthesis. During the presentation, the candidate must explicitly indicate the congruity of her/his abilities, experiences, and knowledge to the chosen degree and eventually answer the jury’s questions.

The jury will then decide to either:

  • entirely validate the candidate’s experience and thus grant her/him the entire degree
  • partially validate the candidate’s experience and recommend registering for certain regular or Executive Education TSM classes to compensate for the missing parts of the candidate’s experience
  • refuse to grant the entirety or a portion of the requested degree

The degree awarded upon validation of the VPE jury is identical to the degree awarded to students who successfully passed university exams.

The President of the University will notify the candidate of the final decision.


VPE fees

The VPE fees are identical regardless of the requested degree:


VPE Procedure

Employed candidates: 2 800€

Unemployed candidates: 1 800€


Partial Validation of Requested Degree:

If the candidate must take more than 50% of the degree classes            4,000€

If the candidate must take less than 50% of the degree classes              3,000€


Under certain circumstances, VPE can be financed through a professional sabbatical period granted by Transitions Pro or by Pôle Emploi for candidates who are unemployed.


TSM VPE Correspondent
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