Life at TSM

In addition to having an enriching academic experience, TSM students contribute to a dynamic student life on campus

Enlivening the Campus Experience

At TSM, students invest their creativity and energy into a number of clubs and organize several events throughout the year for the benefit of the student body.

Participating in these clubs plays an important part in the overall academic and personal success of TSM students by allowing them to develop all parts of themselves, which is why the TSM administration whole-heartedly supports student-initiated activities that enrich student life on campus.

Over the course of the academic year, many events take place on campus such as the Gala, the IAE French Cup, as well as the Business Breakfast. Whether the events are centered on leisure or work, entertainment or culture, they are always convivial moments enjoyed by all.

TSM provides opportunities to cultivate life on campus for students as well as for alumni.