Become a partner

TSM could become your privileged research and development partner

The TSM Research Laboratory and the researchers of the TSM Doctoral Programme are ready to collaborate with you.

The Benefits of Research:

  • An exterior perspective to analyse your problems
  • A major boost for innovation, performance, and competitiveness
  • Benefit from advanced and contemporary research of the TSM team
  • Take advantage of your eligibility for ANRT grants, tax reductions, and the French Research Tax Credit (Crédit Impôt Recherche)



The main forms of collaboration are:

Volunteer to be a research site: your company and your employees are available for interviews, surveys, or studies proposed by our research team that are aimed at benefiting your company and our research works

Research Contract: similar to a consulting service, you can propose a research topic or an issue to study for our researchers to work on

Industrial Training and Research Agreement or CIFRE: Recruit a young researcher for your team directly (while still benefiting from the French research tax credit) in order to boost your research and development and simultaneously assist the young researcher work towards his or her PhD dissertation.


TSM can assist in determining the type of collaboration that would best suit your needs. 


TSM Doctoral Programme