Do you want to turn success in your studies into successful integration into the job market? At TSM, the professional integration of students is at the heart of our priorities.
We support you in fulfilling your professional aspirations.


internships per year are secured by TSM students 


TSM graduates feel that the skills they have acquired are in line with their jobs.


TSM graduates would recommend their training.

Internal survey produced in 2020 with the TSM graduates 2019


Professional Development Workshop (PDW) - Moving from a Student Posture to a Professional Posture

The Professional Development Workshop (PWD) is one of our key tools to help you build your professional project in line with the requirements of the job market.

What is the PWD? A course unit in Master 1 for full-time students.

This teaching unit is a tool that will be useful throughout your professional life. In the very short term for the search of internships but also at many stages of your professional life and at each perspective of evolution in your career.

The PWD is a series of 7 workshops designed to help you get to know yourself better, to improve your tools and techniques for finding internships and jobs, and improve your professional posture through:

  • using the tools provided by TSM,
  • optimising your application tools to reflect your potential,
  • knowing and identifying your skills better,
  • improving your elevator pitch to be able to present yourself in any context, be it a professional interview or a network meeting,
  • discussing with alumni and professionals to better understand the professions and themes related to your programme,
  • adopting a professional attitude and acquiring essential reference points for a behaviour adapted to the professional environment you are aiming at,
  • developing your network and managing your e-reputation with LinkedIn.

We support you throughout your training to help you build your professional project.

We take into account your aspirations and interests, and are connected to the business world: all the conditions are in place to make your goals a reality. 


Corporate Days

Want to work at Airbus or join Bloomberg? Every year, TSM organises Airbus Day and Bloomberg Day, a unique opportunity to learn more about these companies and to land an internship or a job.


Our partners

logos des entreprises partenaires de TSM


Internship Fair and Apprenticeship Fair: Finding Your Future Employer

2 annual internal events during which our partners comle specially to tSM for a day, to meet you individually and recruit you.

The Internship Fair in a nutshell:

  • around one hundred companies, including Alstom Transport, Berger-Levrault, BVA Group, DHL...
  • more than 300 internship offers on average,
  • more than 600 student attendees.

The Apprenticeship Fair in a nutshell:

  • around fifty companies, including ATR, BNP Paribas, Pierre Fabre, Tisséo...
  • more than 130 work-study offers on average,
  • more than 500 candidates.



TSM Connect: a Collaborative Platform to Rely on the Strength of the Network

TSM Connect is the internal platform of the school. It allows you to access:

  • the history of all the internships carried out over the last few years in your speciality. You will find information on the company, the tutor, the title of the internship, its location... More than 9200 internships are listed for all our students.
  • internship/job ads submitted directly by companies wishing to recruit TSM students. On average, there are 200 offers available and continually renewed.
  • internship agreements: find all the information you need for your internship agreement, to do a gap year, to opt for an International Corporate Volunteer Programme or a civic service and all the steps to take before doing an internship abroad.
  • news/events: you can check regularly updated news and events such as internship, recruitment or work-study campaigns organised by the school's partners, challenges/contests, professional meetings, etc. These events are an opportunity to learn more about local economic activity and can become opportunities to develop your network.


Finally TSM Connect gives you access to the platforms of our two partners to build your international experience.



More than 160 countries covered, over 120 specific career guides available, and internships and jobs worldwide searchable in the local language as well as in English, and updated daily.

  • Find out expert advice on creating culturally correct CVs and cover letters.
  • Find out about local industry trends with up-to-date hiring forecasts for key employment sectors.
  • View work permit and visa regulations compiled by an experienced immigration lawyer.



Highered is the platform that connects you with companies around the world.

  • Access global recruiters: these leading global employers are listed in an exclusive network, available only to members including TSM.
  • Benefit from quality international placements: over 1000 high quality global opportunities, such as internships and graduate student jobs.
  • Attend the Global Virtual Fairs: twice a year, a worldwide virtual fair where multinationals such as Mars, PepsiCo, Deloitte, Total, World Bank Group, European Central Bank HQ, United Nations and many others come to recruit their interns or employees...






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Corporate Relations Office / Student Professionalisation Manager
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