International Programmes

TSM offers international English-taught programmes, including eight double degrees in Asia and Europe, in the fields of International Marketing, Finance and International Management.


The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Global Management is a 3-year undergraduate programme entirely taught in English which combines rigourous academic foundations in all fields of management with practical insights from the professional world. Based on an innovative pedagogy, this programme allows students to benefit from personalised support within a limited number of students. They can have an international experience with TSM's partners, within the framework of a semester or year-long academic mobility.

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The Master in International Management is a two-year degree, training students to deal with intercultural management situations and strategic decision-making in an international context. This degree has been EPAS accredited since 2008.

Since the beginning of the Master, students of 35 nationalities have graduated and form a network of more than 300 alumni. In Master 2, students have the opportunity to specialise in a double degree, in Belgium or Thailand (choice to be made when applying in Master 1).

Choice of tracks in Master 2:

Semester organisation:

  • 1st semester: at TSM,
  • 2nd semester: at TSM with a 3-to-6 month internship
  • 3rd semester:
    • . classic track: at TSM,
    • . IMEC track: at KUL, Belgium,
    • . IMAC track: at CMMU, Thailand,
  • 4th semester: 6-month internship.
  • At the validation of the IMEC and IMAC tracks: obtention of the TSM degree and of the partner university degree.

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The Master in Finance is a programme of excellence that is EPAS accredited. It offers a rigorous training programme covering the basics of finance in Master 1 and enabling students to specialise in the second year. Students also have the opportunity to get a double degree with our partner HEC Liège (choice to be made upon application for M1).

Choice of tracks in Master 2:

Semester organisation:

  • 1st semester: at TSM,
  • 2nd semester: at TSM + a 2-to-5 month internship,
  • 3rd semester: at TSM or HEC Liège for the double degrees,
  • 4th semester: 6 month internship

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The Master in International Marketing of Innovation is a unique opportunity to acquire an internationally recognised double Master's degree and to study in multicultural environments at a leading Chinese, Thai or German university. These double degrees represent an excellent opportunity for students who wish to work in an international environment, increasingly influenced by the economic power of Asia and China.

The Master in International Marketing of Innovation is a two-year double degree offered in partnership with:

Semester organisation:

  • 1st semester: at TSM,
  • 2nd and 3rd semesters: in the partner university,
  • 4th semester: 6 month internship (in Asia or in Europe) and thesis writing.
  • At the validation of the 4 semesters: obtention of the TSM degree and the partner university degree.




The TSM Doctoral Programme is one of the three doctoral programmes in Management in France and the first doctoral programme in the world to be EPAS accredited. It is highly selective, offering a super high quality environment and the opportunity to work closely with faculty members to conduct independent research in one of the following areas: