Master 2 Business Administration (Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education


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Applications for the academic year 2020/2021 took place from February 3 to May 31, 2020. They are now closed.
Whether you are a TSM student or you are considering joining our community:

  • it is no longer possible to complete a forwarded application;
  • you can now follow the progress of your application evaluation on the eCandidatures platform;
  • you can view the decision of the education committee (the results will be published on June 22, 2020).

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This programme is nationally recognised and is reserved for professionals currently in non-management positions so that they develop managerial skills necessary for the realities of businesses today. This programme provides students with necessary transversal managerial skills and a general training in management so that graduates have a large flexibility within their future professions.

The programme’s coursework covers all management disciplines with each class providing theoretical framework as well as operational and interventional skills taught by current business executives.


Students have the chance to put these newly acquired skills to the test during their assigned professional projects. 


Length : 341h

The programme takes place over one academic year (September to June) with two days of classes a week (Fridays all day and Saturdays morning). The courses are all taught in french.


The coursework is organised into 9 classes:

UE 01 – Economic Climate of a Company 
UE 02 – Leadership and HR Management 
UE 03 – Business Law 
UE 04 – Accounting and Company Finances 
UE 05 – Marketing 
UE 06 – Business Strategy 
UE 07 – Information Systems and Process Management
UE 08 – Entrepreneurship and Innovative Projects 
UE 09 – Assignment & Professional Development 


The programme is open to candidates:

  • holding a Master’s degree or having completed the first year of a Master degree,
  • or who qualify for an equivalence via the VPE application process. 


Recruiting process:

  • Examination of candidate’s application
  • possible interview


This programme prepares students for managerial and administrative roles:

  • SME CEO, 
  • Plant manager
  • Department head
  • Project manager
  • Research engineer 
  • Product manager
  • Bank branch manager 
  • HR administrative executive
  • Administrative or technical director
  • Management controller 

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