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In 1955 the IPA (Preparation Institute for Business Affairs – Institut de Préparation aux Affaires) moves into the buildings previously used by the Law, Medical, and Humanities school in the heart of Toulouse. IPA opens its doors to all engineers and business executives with the intent of educating them on modern-day management techniques via a new degree - the CAAE (Certificat d’Aptitude à l’Administration des Entreprises).

In the 1970s, the IPA becomes IAE Toulouse (Institute of Business Administration -- Institut d’Administration des Entreprises).
Its central missions are to:

  • Provide students with an education focused on business administration, for executive and management careers in accounting, sales, and marketing
  • Contribute to the development of business executives
  • Enhance the relations between the school and the business world in order to develop scientific research in the economic and social fields

Over the next four decades, IAE Toulouse, as part of the University of Toulouse Capitole, continues to uphold its commitment to developing higher education and management research. By combining innovative teaching with quality scientific research, IAE Toulouse is able to meet and exceed students’ expectations by teaching them the skills expected of them by the commercial world.

IAE Toulouse is a widely recognized centre of pedagogical and scientific expertise in a variety of academic subjects as evidenced by the presence of its research laboratory accredited by the French Ministry of Research and the French national centre for scientific research (CNRS), as well as by a myriad of active partnerships with institutions of higher education and research both in France and abroad, and finally by the sustained involvement of economic partners.

IAE has evolved with the new challenges of the teaching and research world. Emerging requirements for institutions of higher education have led IAE to continuously improve the quality of its services so as to continue to meet the expectations of students and future employers.  

In 2005 IAE Toulouse was the first institution of higher education to obtain the Qualicert Service Certification for research.

Thanks to its demonstrated success, IAE Toulouse continues to provide excellent management education programmes, to further develop its ties with national and international research teams, and perpetuate its unique approach to private and institutional partnerships.

October 2017 marked the historic name change of IAE Toulouse to Toulouse School of Management.



  • 1955: creation of the CAAE (Aptitude Certification of Business Administration - Certification d'Aptitude à l'Administration des Entreprises) and the first double major university programme (today known as the MAE Master)
  • 1973: IPA becomes IAE Toulouse
  • 1981: creation of the CPECF (Preparatory Certification in Finance and Accounting Studies - Certificat Préparatoire aux Etudes Comptables et Financières) and the DESC (Advanced Accounting Studies Degree - Diplôme d’Etudes Comptables Supérieures)
  • 1983: creation of the MSTCF ( Master of Science and Financial and Accounting Techniques - Maîtrise des Sciences et Techniques Comptables et Financières)
  • 1988: creation of the Comprehensive Studies Degree in Management Studies (DEA Sciences de Gestion)
  • 1989: creation of the Specialized Superior Studies Degree in Marketing (DESS Marketing)
  • 1990: creation of the Master of Management Sciences (Maîtrise de Sciences de Gestion)
  • 1994: creation of the Specialized Superior Studies Degree in Financial Engineering (DESS Ingénierie Financière)
  • 1999: creation of the Specialized Superior Studies Degree in Innovation Management (DESS Gestion de l’Innovation)
  • 2004:  establishment of the Bachelor, Master, Doctorate system. Opening of three Bachelor programmes (Marketing, Accounting, Management) and five Master’s programmes (Accounting, Finance, Strategy, Human Resource Management, and Management)
  • 2005: reception of the Qualicert Service Certification
  • 2006: establishment of the Management Sciences Doctoral School
  • 2008: EPAS accreditation of the International Management Master’s programme
  • Since 2008: instalment of the Management and Accounting degree and the Management and Accounting Superior degree
  • 2009: creation of the Research Centre in Management 
  • Since 2012: the Research Centre in Management becomes the 5th school in the CNRS research team alongside HEC Paris, Polytechnic School, Dauphine, and IAE Grenoble
  • 2017: IAE Toulouse becomes Toulouse School of Management (TSM)
  • 2020: the Master in Finance and the TSM Doctoral Programme are EPAS-accredited for the maximal 5-year period.  



  • 1956-1978: Pierre Vigreux
  • 1978 - 2001: Pierre Spitéri
  • 2001 - 2010: Hervé Penan
  • 2010 – 2015: Catherine Casamatta
  • Since March 2015: Hervé Penan