Master 2 International management

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Les candidatures à cette formation pour 2019/2020 ouvrent à compter du 1er février 2019.

The Master 2 in International Management is a full-time degree, training junior managers ready to deal with cross-cultural management situations and strategic decision-making in an international context. The Master 2 in International Management brings together a highly international student group.

The second year builds on the foundations acquired during the first year and puts the emphasis on the development of professional skills and competencies by training students to apply their knowledge to concrete international business situations. The complementarity between academic and practical insights is central during the second year.

The programme stresses the use of a great variety of teaching methods such as academic lectures, practitioner conferences, case-based learning, role plays, serious games, consulting assignments…

Intended Learning Outcomes of the programme:               

  • - Understand international business situations and issues ;
  • - Understand theoretical and conceptual elements of international management ;
  • - Apply these concepts to the analysis of international business situations ;
  • - Use of methodological tools and frameworks in business analysis and development ;
  • - Demonstrate analytical skills and capacity of critical thinking ;
  • - Communicate clearly and efficiently both in written and oral modes ;
  • - Operate in a multicultural and transnational environment (comprehend, negotiate, manage).

The Master 2 in International Management builds on the foundation courses of the first year and offers courses on major business administration topics on an advanced and more specialized level.

The M2 puts the emphasis on direct linkages with the professional world by offering a significant number of courses taught by practitioners and by giving students the opportunity to work on 3-month consulting assignments.

From September to March, Master 2 students attend the following courses:

UE 01 - Advanced strategy & International business development
UE 02 - Cross-cultural Management & International HRM
UE 03 - International Management Control
UE 04 - Commercial Negotiation
UE 05 - International Marketing
UE 06 - Export and international commerce
UE 07 - Purchasing and supply chain management
UE 08 - Practitioner Conferences
UE 09 - International project management & Consulting projects
UE 10 - Internship

Courses are entirely taught in English.

The company consulting project consists of teams of students working on a consulting mission for a company on a part-time basis (market research, strategy development, business plan, process and organizational analysis…). This work allows students to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in real-life business situations.

Candidats internes (TSM)

→ titulaire de 240 ECTS

→ titulaire d’une certification en langue anglaise (C1 requis)

→ étude du dossier de candidature et éventuel entretien (démarche d’orientation active)


Candidats externes (non TSM)

→ titulaire de 240 ECTS

→ titulaire d’une certification en langue anglaise (C1 requis)

→ étude du dossier de candidature et éventuel entretien

The Masters in International Management programme at TSM was the best option for me when I was searching to improve my professional skills as well as theoretical proficiency. Combined with my international experience as a Brazilian living in Germany, the USA, and Mexico, the programme has without a doubt helped me to improve my global vision. I highly recommend the MIM for those with global minds and high career aspirations.


Careers in multinationals and internationally operating companies, as Export Manager, Area Manager, Transnational Contracts Negotiator, International Human Resources Manager, Subsidiary Manager, Project Manager, Consultant (Strategy, IT, HR, Procurement, Supply Chain), Trade Manager, Management Controller, Business Analyst, Purchasing Manager, Customer Service Manager, Business Developer, Key Accounts Manager,...

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