Master 2 International marketing of innovation (FI)

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RNCP Code: 35907


The Master in International Marketing of Innovation is a full-time double degree over two years, entirely taught in English and designed for International and French university graduates.

Study in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok or Ingolstadt to get a double Master degree from TSM and one of the top Asian or German universities.

The Master in International Marketing of Innovation at Toulouse School of Management is a unique possibility for students to acquire an internationally recognised double Master degree (120 ECTS) and study within fully multicultural Euro-Asian batches at a Chinese, Thai or German top university. Two degrees achieved in four semesters - a unique selling proposition in a CV and a head start into a successful career in marketing and business. These dual degrees are the right choice for students who aim to work in an international environment, which is increasingly influenced by Asia's and China's economic power. After graduating, students will be sought-after experts for China and Asia or Germany and be able to put their knowledge into practice.

Students who enrol in this International Marketing programme complete the first semester in France at TSM. According to their chosen track, they spend the second and third semesters at a renowned Asian or German university.

For the Asian track, they can choose between the Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Tongji University in Shanghai or Assumption University in Bangkok.

For the German track, they study at The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt School of Management.

During the fourth and last semester, students complete their six-month internship (in Asia or in Europe) and finish their Master thesis. The two-year study programme comprises 120 ECTS obtained at TSM and at the partner university abroad.

The Master in International Marketing is available as a full-time programme.

On completion of the degree, students will be able to:

  • Design and manage innovation
  • Include consumers in the process of open-innovation and co-creation
  • Develop international digital marketing and eCRM strategies
  • Manage digital and social media communication strategies
  • Apply data mining techniques to Big Data
  • Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimise decision-making and profits


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Programme video

Assumption University Freshmen Seminar 2018





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SEMESTER 1: September 2021-March 2022


UE 01 - International Strategic Marketing, Market Analyses & Planning
UE 02 - Digital marketing & Consumer Behaviour in the Digital World
UE 03 - Innovation Management
             - Customer Engagement Management and Co-Creation
             - Technology Acceptance Management
UE 04 - Customer Relationship Management & Sustainable Marketing
UE 05 - Business Research Methodology
UE 06 - Company Missions-International Study Tour
UE 07 - Language (English for the Asian track or German for the German track)
             Comparison Asian/European Culture
UE8 - Professional Development Workshops


SEMESTER 2 and 3


HONG KONG - Hong Kong Metropolitan University - Master of Business Administration (MBAF)
May 2022 - December 2022

- Strategic Management
- Global Management and Leadership Immersion Programme:
             Asian Business Culture
             Professional Development Workshops
- International Management Strategy
- Strategic Issues for Management in the Asia Pacific Region


SHANGHAI - Tongji University Shanghai - Master of Science (MSc) Technology Economics and Management
March 2022 - January 2023

- Chinese as a Foreign Language
- Business Negotiation in China
- Survey of China - Chinese Culture
- Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
- Advanced Management
- Big Data Analytics
- Managerial Economics in China
- Academic Norms for the Master thesis
- Academic Lectures for the Master thesis


THAILAND - Assumption University Bangkok - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
May 2022 - December 2022

- Introduction to Quantitative Analyses
- Introduction to Management Information Systems
- Organizational Behaviour
- International Business Management
- International Marketing Management
- Managerial Accounting
- Managerial Economics
- Financial Management
- Operations Management
- Strategic Management




INGOLSTADT - The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt School of Management - MSc Betriebswirtschaft
April 2022 - February 2023

Core courses:

- Innovation and Creativity in Individuals, Teams and Organisations
- Return on Service Design & Customer Experience
- Service Management
- Advanced Business Ethics
- Business Language (German)


The students of the program also have to gain 30 ECTS within our required elective courses in the Master Programs of Business Administration, M.Sc. during their 2-semester stay at Eichstätt-Ingolstadt School of Management.




February 2023 - September 2023

UE 9 - Company internship (6 months) in Asia, Germany, France or elsewhere*
UE 10 - Master thesis

*Students following the German track can do their internship between September 2022 and September 2023.



Following the double degree Master's of International Marketing of Innovation has proven to be a real opportunity for my professional career. I was able to develop very interesting skills such as project management, research methodologies, creative thinking but also team communication and teamwork. Moreover, my experience at Ingolstadt in Germany made it possible for me to develop organisational and professionalism skills, which are today a real asset in a working environment. In the end, I was able to do my last 6-month internship in a well-known institute and I am currently employed on a permanent contract as a Junior Analyst. Beyond the practical and theoretical skills, this two-year Master's degree was a real human adventure that I would do again without hesitation.

Nina de Ona

Promotion 2020

This degree gives students the skills to perform the following roles:

  • Product Manager
  • eCRM Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Business Developer

Graduates of this programme may also undertake a  PhD in Marketing.

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