Master 2 Finance and information technology

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Elodie PEREZ
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The Master in “Finance and Information Technology” (FIT) provides students with skills in both finance and financial IT.


Financial technology, also known as “fintech”, aims at proposing solutions to all actors involved in financial decisions, such as financial institutions, firms and single individuals using specialized IT tools.

The Master provides a rigorous preparation in all fields of Finance, namely corporate finance and market finance, together with a solid knowledge in IT decision support tools, like business Intelligence and blockchain. Through practical cases and projects, students develop complementary practical skills like problem solving, communication and business etiquette.

Students pursuing the track Finance and Information Technology will learn to:

  • Analyze and exploit big data to extract information to take financial decisions;
  • Implement and upgrade business processes which collect information to support company’s decisions;
  • Design and implement business intelligence systems applied to financial contexts.


The programme is taught entirely in English.



UE 01 - Asset pricing
UE 02 - Corporate finance
UE 03 - Information technology for finance III
UE 04 - Financial econometrics
UE 05 - Economics for finance
UE 06 - Financial information systems
UE 07 - Business intelligence for finance
UE 08 - Information technology for finance III
UE 09 - Financial reporting
UE 10 - Financial computing


UE 11 - Internship (6 months)


Candidats internes (TSM)

→ titulaire de 240 ECTS

→ titulaire d’une certification en langue anglaise (B2 requis)

→ étude du dossier de candidature et éventuel entretien (démarche d’orientation active)


Candidats externes (non TSM)

→ titulaire de 240 ECTS

→ titulaire d’une certification en langue anglaise (B2 requis)

→ étude du dossier de candidature et éventuel entretien

This Master is a programme in partnership with Toulouse School of Management (TSM) and Toulouse School of Economics (TSE).

TSM offers theoretical, high quality instruction with significant relevance to the industry. During the internships I did for my Masters in Finance, employers showed strong interest in this programme. After graduating, I had no issues finding a first job on par with the positions offered to students graduating from engineering schools. Close interactions with the teachers, who were available and commit ted to our success, is a real asset of the Financial and Information Technology Master.


Class 2013/2014 | SAP Finance functional Consultant

90% of students found a job within 3 months of graduating from the programme. 

The average annual net salary two years after graduation was above 31000 Euros


Career opportunities:

  • IT system consultant in Finance
  • Business Analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Financial IT manager
  • Project manager


Preferred sectors: consulting firms, IT service industry, merchant and investment banks, large companies.

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