Vocational education tax

When you choose TSM to receive your vocational training tax, you’re investing in an ambitious university and participating in the training of your future colleagues.

Why choose TSM?

By contributing a part or the entirety of your vocational training tax, you become a privileged partner of TSM and take part in the enrichment of the education of your future professional peers. The vocational training tax assists TSM in investing in the quality of its academic programmes, providing an innovative environment for its students, and proposing a number of career development events.

Examples of Funding in 2017:

  • 92% pedagogical tools
  • 6% professional integration activities
  • 2% software and computing resources

How to contribute your vocational training tax?

You must inform your chosen collection agency of your choice, before 2018 March, 1st  :

“I hereby assign the total (or a part of this tax, indicate the sum) of my tax to University Toulouse Capitole - Toulouse School of Management.”

If you so desire, you may attribute your tax to one or several specific TSM programme(s) of your choice.

Practical Information

TSM’s UAI number: 0311382J

TSM’s address:

Université Toulouse Capitole - Toulouse School of Management 
2, rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse cedex 9

Rules and Regulations

The tax rate is fixed at 0.68% of the total payroll of the previous year and includes:

  •  A regional part (51%) for the vocational training funding
  •  A vocational training quota (26%) for CFA assignments or vocational training sections
  • A scale (23%) to the benefit of programmes, other than vocational training programmes (including the TSM bachelor and master’s programmes)

For more information on the breakdown of the vocational training tax, check the diagram below: (only in french)


Vocational Training Tax Correspondent
05 61 63 57 11