Internship information

Internship experience allows you to successfully complete your studies and gain true professional experience.

Taking part in an internship, regardless of the type of structure, is a valuable opportunity that will allow you to:

  • Put the theory you have learned in class into practice
  • Familiarize yourself with the professional world
  • Further define your personal career path
  • Prepare yourself to enter the job market

Your internship missions must correspond to your professional objectives and the academic requirements denoted by TSM.

Internship Agreements

If you are completing an internship, obligatory or optional, you must fill out a TSM internship agreement. In order to have it approved, you must contact the head of your academic programme and inform her or him of your possible internship opportunity.

You must complete a request for your internship agreement via TSM Connect at least 15 days before the start date of the internship. Verify all the host structure’s information (compensation, hours, vacation, internship mentor, etc.) with your point of contact before filling out your internship agreement.

If your host structure provides you with a contract of their own,  please note that this contract does not act as a substitute for your TSM internship agreement. You must also fill out all the necessary information on TSM Connect.


- You must send your internship agreement, signed by all required parties, before the first day of your internship to otherwise you will not be covered by insurance in case of an accident.

- If you do not have your internship agreement you cannot begin your internship as you will not be insured nor will TSM recognise the internship for your programme requirements


Student Sabbatical Internships

Student sabbatical internships officially began on October 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Internships Agreements should have been requested via TSM Connect during the month of September, 1 or 2 weeks after your administrative student registration and the update of your TSM Connect personal profile from Master 1 to Master Sabbatical Year.

If you are able to begin your sabbatical internship earlier than October, you must request two separate internship agreements with the following statuses:

  • The first as a Master 1 student covering the internship period until September 30
  • The second as a Master 2 Sabbatical student starting on October 1

Compensation and Length

Compensation is mandatory for all internships lasting 309 hours or longer. The legal minimum hourly wage for an intern is 3€60.

To access the official public service online simulated compensation calculator please click here.

An internship at one single structure may not surpass 924 hours (contract amendments included) during the same academic year. This applies to all internships including student sabbatical internships and internships done outside of France).

All internships completed at the Master 1 level must end by August 31 of the current academic year. 

All internships completed at the Master 2 level must end by September 30 of the current academic year. 


Agreement Amendments

For all modification of terms of internship agreements, an amendment to the internship agreement must be made. This amendment must first be validated by the head of your academic programme before requesting that the TSM Career Center make a modification to your internship agreement.


- An internship agreement is contract that binds you to the host structure. It is not possible to end an internship earlier than agreed upon, unless there are extenuating circumstances due to an exceptional situation.

- It is thus important that you take your commitment seriously and reflect on your decision before signing your internship agreement


Internships Abroad

Host Country’s Current Situation

If you will be doing an internship outside of France, please regularly consult the current diplomatic and social situation of the host structure’s area on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: (LIEN)

It is strongly advised that you do not participate in internships that are located in red zones. If your zone should become red zone while you are completing your internship, you must immediately end your internship and return to France.

While abroad, French students have the possibility to register yourself on the French government’s Ariane database so that you can receive security guidelines by SMS or email.

If you are planning on living in the host country for more than 6 months, including the time before and after the internship, French students should register with the French consulate for your zone.


Health Insurance

For internships in Europe: You must obtain a European health insurance card. You can request it from your primary health insurance provider. (More information can be found here LIEN)

For internships outside of Europe: You are encouraged to register for a supplementary insurance contract that will guarantee the reimbursement of any medical fees you may incur while abroad as well as the possibility to be transported back to France or your country of origin in the case of a medical emergency.


There are scholarships that can assist you with financing your internship while abroad. Please consult the websites of the University of Toulouse (LIEN), the French Regional Council (LIEN), and Erasmus+ Generation.


For more information, please contact:

Internship Office