Life at TSM

Current Students Facilities


TSM and University of Toulouse Capitole provide students with a number of computing resources, online support platforms, and computer rooms.

Once you are registered as a student, you have access to 2 online platforms:


1- TSM Webmail 

TSM uses Google for all its online communication and information needs. Using the TSM Google platform you will be able to:

Access your personal email address. All student email addresses are organized as such:

Note: ALL information coming from the TSM administration, academic staff, and clubs will be sent to your TSM email address so it is vital that you properly set up your account and check your email regularly.

Your personal Google drive with 30 Go is a space for obtaining documents and pedagogical resources from your professors, classmates, and administrators.

The Google calendar is vital tool in staying up to date with your class schedules

Connect to the TSM Digital Space by going to the Gmail homepage at
From there you can log into your TSM email account using the codes below:

Login Codes

User Name:
Password: the last 8 characters of your INE (Identifiant National d’Etudiant) in capital letters. Your INE can be located on your UT student card.

2- UT Capitole Online Workspace (Environnement Numérique de Travail : ENT)

You can access the UT Capitole Online Workspace at

Your login and password for this online space are called “Sésame UT1”. You can use these same codes to connect to the campus wifi which is available at the Arsenal building (UT main campus), the TSM campus, and the Manufacture. All information concerning campus wifi can be found at

You can also use these codes to connect to any campus computer at TSM or UT as well as to computers in the following computer classrooms: AF 005, AF 129, AF 202, and ME 03.

All software required for coursework is available in this computer lab.

The lab is open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6pm (including lunch time) during fall and spring semesters.  

The University Library network (Service Commun de la Documentation) proposes a number of services which can be found at

Login Codes

Username: the last 8 characters and/or digits of your student number
Password: the last 6 characters of your INE (Identifiant National d’Etudiant) in capital letters. Your INE can be located on your UT student card.

3 - TSM Connect

On this online platform you can:

  • Review internship offers
  • Access a database of internships previously completed by other students
  • Create and manage your internship contract

Login Codes

Password: you will be prompted to create your own

Since IAE Toulouse becomes TSM, your username should be and your password remain the same.

If you are a new student at TSM, you must activate your TSM Connect account at You will then receive more information to complete your TSM Connect account via your TSM email address.


For any problems concerning your online resources, please contact:

TSM Computing Department
05 61 63 56 30
Office AF 204

Need help with TSM Connect? Contact: 

Guillaume GRZECZKA
TSM Connect platform manager
Company Relations Department