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Admission Results for Academic Year 2023-2024

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Have you applied for a TSM programme ? Not sure if you've been accepted for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year?

Understanding the Admission Process

If you are admitted on the main list you will get an email inviting you to log in on your eCandidatures account to confirm your admission or to withdraw your application.

If you are on the waiting list your situation may change according to the withdrawals of the candidates admitted on the main list.

Find out more about the main admission list and the waiting list below.

June 1st results

June 19 results

June 23 results

General Information

No information on the admission results or on the ranking of candidates on the waiting list will be communicated by email or on the phone.

If your name does not appear on any lists, your application was not accepted. However, you do have the right to appeal.

How to lodge an appeal to TSM ?