Interview 27 September 2021

Will Artificial Intelligence replace managerial skills in organisations?

Laurent Giraud, Researcher and Senior Lecturer at TSM, will ask what’s the role of artificial intelligence at the managerial level in companies during a conversation with the CEO of Ipsos France on October 8. 

AI is a computer and cognitive science that aims to perform tasks by imitating human intelligence and behaviour. It will play an increasingly important role in the management of companies, but to what extent?

AI: powerful assistant or new manager?

What are the new skills managers need to develop to work with AI? What are its limitations and the best ways to work with it? In other words, will AI be a kind of over-performing assistant or a new kind of manager?

Laurent Giraud will be the guest of Alexandre Guérin from Ipsos France and they will be accompanied in this debate by Yves Bardon, Director of Ipsos Knowledge and Pierre Gédalge, Senior Partner at TASMANE with the presence of Jean-David Benassouli, Partner in charge of the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence activity at PwC France and Maghreb

Expert on the challenges of digital transformation in companies

A former executive recruiter in the automotive industry, Laurent Giraud is the co-recipient of the Syntec Conseil 2021 Academic Prize for Management Research in the category "The new challenges of the digital transformation of companies". He is currently a lecturer at the Toulouse School of Management, a researcher at TSM Research (UMR CNRS 5303 - Toulouse 1 Capitole University) and an associate researcher at the ESSEC Chair of Change. His areas of expertise are International Human Resources Management, Change Management and the HRM-IA Interface.

He is the author of numerous publications in national and international academic journals and has also published books. Finally, he provides training in Change/HR Management in companies and public institutions, as well as taking part in expertise missions in Asia for Erasmus+ programmes.

The webinar Will Artificial Intelligence replace managerial skills in organizations will take place on Friday October 8 October at 11:30am.


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