Price 7 December 2021

TSM student wins best research paper award!

A study of financial consumers

Co-supervised in her research by Sandrine Laporte and Matthieu Bouvard, Ms.Cuervo-Robert would like to understand consumers' preferences in terms of privacy, but also to study behaviours in the financial contexts of consumption. Her work focuses, more specifically, on Fintech products and services.

Indeed, FinTech startups call upon cutting-edge technologies to optimise the user experience in accessing and using these financial services. This is made possible through artificial intelligence as well as blockchain. This can be done by offering personalised services thanks to the collection of customers' personal data. A system that may raise questions about the protection and control of this data.

An ambitious TSM thesis

The purpose of this paper is to explain the use of consumer data in the financial sector. Data is no longer collected through dubious procedures, but is openly requested in order to offer a tailored and personalised service to each new customer.

In addition to offering more attractive financial services, this should also allow for greater financial inclusion "outside the radar of financial institutions (such as banks)", says the French Marketing Association.

An ambitious thesis carried out under the supervision of Sandrine Laporte, professor in Management Sciences specialised in marketing, and Matthieu Bouvard, professor specialised in finance and member of TSE.


Congratulations to our student Carolina Cuervo-Robert for this great research work and this wonderful prize!