Reward 17 March 2022

TSM's Bachelor's and master's degrees ranked among the best in 2022


8 bachelor's degrees ans 21 master's degree are ranked among the best in 2022 in the Eduniversal 2022 ranking for their career prospects and the rewarding offer they provide.

The Eduniversal 2022 ranking of the best bachelors, masters and Grandes Écoles was unveiled on 8 December, rewarding all of TSM's Licences 3. This is a recognition of the quality of the school's training, but also of its graduates.


8 TSM licenses in the Eduniversal ranking


TSM is thus rewarded for all of its third-year bachelor's degrees: 


21 TSM masters in the Eduniversal ranking



What is the Eduniversal ranking?


Eduniversal is an agency specialising in higher education. It offers support to students in determining their academic and professional projects. To do this, it relies on the list of the best courses in France and the world. Its ambition is to create a "World Education Federation". 

The bachelor's ans master's degrees that have the honour of being included in this ranking, such as those of TSM, are thus rewarded for the career prospects and the rewarding offer that they propose.