Application 4 May 2022

TSM Consulting, the junior company of TSM, is recruiting!

The exams are over, which means that recruitment is about to begin for TSM Consulting! This is an opportunity for the students of Toulouse School of Management to join a professional association, which is also synonymous with human adventure. Discover how this period will unfold, as well as the positions to be filled for the 2022-2023 term ! 


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What’s TSM Consulting?

TSM Consulting is the school's junior company: a non-profit professional student association. Its aim is to put client companies in touch with TSM students who can apply for a job and be paid for it. The junior company is therefore composed of active members, who ensure its functioning, and members, who can carry out missions in return for payment.

Joining a junior company allows you to enrich your academic career thanks to an increase in skills and knowledge, but also thanks to the human experience shared with the whole TSM Consulting team. 


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How to become a member of a junior company?

To become an active member of TSM Consulting for the 2022-2023 mandate, you have to go through the training and recruitment period. This period takes place in two stages: 

  • between May and July, the members of the board and the managers of each division will be appointed,
  • between September and October, the recruitment of the managers and the official handover will take place. 

The positions of leaders include greater responsibility and team management. They will have to plan the activities of their staff, check that they are carried out on time and help out in case of difficulties. To do this, they will have to be good listeners and ensure that everyone understands and succeeds in their tasks. 

As for the officers, they will have more specific tasks, to be carried out alone or in teams. Overall, the members of the current mandate will be able to benefit from the help of the alumni of the junior enterprise to guide them, as well as that of their colleagues: do not panic! 


Regarding the application procedure, just click here:

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You can also go to the Instagram page of the junior company "@tsmconsultingje", and click on the link available in the biography to fill in the questionnaire. You will have to fill in some personal information, as well as a current CV and a cover letter. 

Candidates will have the opportunity to attend training sessions aiming mainly at clarifying the expectations of each position/pole, and to learn more about the Junior Enterprise movement and structure. 

At the end of this first training session, interviews will take place in order to better know each candidate and to confirm his/her willingness to invest in the association. 

Finally, the answers concerning the positions of board members and managers will be given between the end of July and the beginning of August.


Why join TSM Consulting?

Joining the junior-entreprises adventure means: being part of the biggest student movement in France, but also participating in congresses offering the possibility to learn about many rich and varied subjects and to enrich your network. All you have to do now is take the plunge, click on the link to join TSM Consulting and start your adventure! 

We hope that this article has given you some information about the upcoming recruitment period, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information! 


TSM Consulting members can be reached: