Student life 2 October 2022

Toulouse voted number one student city in France

Toulouse School of Management is at the heart of France's favourite student city! Students voted for their favourite city in France to study in and Toulouse came in first place. 


Toulouse, a student city

The media l'Étudiant relayed this vote. It is based on various criteria such as the price of rents, cultural life and training opportunities. TSM is therefore the number one student city in France, just ahead of Rennes, Montpellier and Strasbourg.

Among the figures highlighted: those of graduation. The pink city offers more than 2089 courses to students. Among these offers, TSM proposes more than 70 management courses only a few minutes from the Capitole!

Toulouse is not only a city where it is good to study, but also where it is pleasant to be educated, since approximately 234,158 visitors visit the museums, according to L'Etudiant.

The vote also addresses the quality of life in Toulouse for students. It mentions in particular the public transport pass, which costs 106 euros, the average price of a studio flat is 494 euros and the price of a pint is only 5.28 euros!


Student life at TSM

TSM wants to make the students' years of training in Toulouse a real experience. 

The school's student associations undoubtedly contribute to making Toulouse the number one city in France for students. The Bureau Des Etudiants (BDE), the Bureau Des Sports, and the Junior Entreprise (TSM Consulting) alone bring together nearly 1,000 students for festive and professional events in Toulouse.