Practical Guide 6 December 2021

Toulouse: A practical guide for students

The City of Toulouse provides young people age 15 to 29 with a french guide covering all areas of daily social life: housing, transport, studies, internships, employment, health, sport, culture, leisure and citizenship.


Shared accommodations, associations, university residences or subsidized housing are presented as well as the solutions they offer to facilitate access to housing for young people in Toulouse. The city also lists all the housing assistance available: assistance in renovating one's home, interest-free loans, housing solidarity funds or rent reductions through the CAF or Action Logement.  

Getting Around

The guide provides a summary of public transport in Toulouse. Prices and subscriptions for the bus, metro, tram and bicycle network are detailed to enable young people to get around Toulouse easily and safely, day and night. Other solutions for discovering the Occitanie region at a lower price are listed, such as car-sharing, LIO train SNCF or the TGV network.

Studies and orientation

In this guide you will find the different libraries in the city, the “bibliobus”, but also the information centres for foreign students and the CROUS study grant. Places such as the Welcome Desk or the guidance centres have also been created to facilitate access to information and guidance for young people in Toulouse.

Going out

Because a social life is important for young people, this guide lists all the places where you can go out and enjoy yourself in Toulouse. Numerous advantages and discounts have been put in place to encourage these outings. From Toulouse Jeune chequebooks to the Toulouse Cultures card and free concerts: all these advantages are described in this guide. The seasonal and annual highlights are also presented.


This french guide also contains other information on entrepreneurship, support, sports, health and employment.


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