Programmes 25 May 2020

The M2 Auditing and Piloting Organisations Now Open as Apprenticeship!

Would you like to become an auditor or a business analyst and be immediately operational in a sector always looking for new talents? The M2 Auditing and Piloting Organisations is now open as an apprenticeship. You can apply until May 31.


Management Control and Auditing, Recruiting Sectors

Sparsely touched by the economic downturn, the management control and audit professions offer great career opportunities, with a stable recruitment rate, open to young graduates who love numbers and demonstrate adaptability.

Thanks to the TSM M2 Auditing and Piloting Organisations, entirely offered on a work-study basis, it is possible to professionally enter the sector while still studying. Now available as an apprenticeship contract, and not only as a professionalization contract, the Master's degree is also open to younger profiles with little experience, proof of the dynamism of the sector.


TSM Work-Study Programme: a Winning Formula

The alternating rhythm between school and company allows for a rapid rise in skills. The first training weeks are intensive so that the apprentice is immediately operational on arrival in the host company.

This is a winning formula for the apprentice who benefits both from the company advantages and from personalised support within a locally and nationally renowned training programme.


A Training of Excellence

Thanks to its partnership with the Professional Association of the Finance Directors and the Management Controllers of the Midi-Pyrénées Area (DFCG) and a team of academics and professionals, the M2 Auditing and Piloting Organisations guarantees the acquisition of good practices for diagnosing, auditing and piloting the performance of organisations.

Furthermore, the programme is registered in the National Register of the Professional Certifications (RNCP) and has been ranked amongst the best Masters in Management and Finance by Challenge Magazine in 2016. The M2 is also rated A by the HCERES, placing it amongst the best programmes in France.

Do not hesitate! Join the M2 Auditing and Piloting Organisations and choose the apprenticeship!

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