Alumni 13 June 2022

The ecological transition in the spotlight in a film made by alumni

On Saturday June 11, 2022, two TSM alumni presented their film "La Belle Ville" in preview at the Utopia. A beautiful project supported and financed by TSM, which aims to raise public awareness about the greening of cities.


A film made by TSM alumni

La Belle Ville was produced and directed by Manon Turina and François Marques, 2 former TSM students who graduated with a Master's degree in Innovation Management and a Master's degree in Sports and Tourism Management.

For 2 years, TSM has been supporting them in this great adventure and has become the financier of the project. The teaching and administrative team was present in the theatre on Saturday June 11, 2022 to celebrate the launch of the film together! 

A screening will be organised in September, we will tell you more soon!



 Manon Turina and François Marques presenting their film at the Utopia


The concept


"Today, more than 75% of the French population lives in cities, in 2050, we will be more than 85%. It is becoming urgent to fight against urban global warming, to improve air quality, to prioritise short circuits for food, to participate in the embellishment of our streets, to valorise our bio-waste and to improve the quality of life of city dwellers. Reconnecting the city and nature is undoubtedly the solution..."


La Belle Ville is a project that aims to meet, on all continents, ordinary people with revolutionary initiatives that reconnect our cities with nature (through urban agriculture, the greening of cities and the recovery of bio-waste).

The purpose? To raise awareness among the general public and young people, to inspire all the actors of change (cities, private companies and city dwellers), to support the development of urban greening, urban agriculture and the recovery of bio-waste.

La Belle Ville is therefore a documentary that highlights urban initiatives, but also an exciting journey to the heart of innovation and ecological transition. 


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