AWARD 25 August 2021

The Best Policy Paper Award ICSB 2021

André NANA, PhD student at TSM Doctoral Program, academically supervised by Michaël LAVIOLETTE and Christina THEODORAKI, both TBS professors, co-authored "Incubators' potential tenants' identification and screening in the pre-incubation ecosystem: toward an entrepreneurial sourcing".

As part of the PEPSI project, a research project on the performance of business incubators has been awarded the ICSB 2021 Best Policy Paper Award and nominated in a list of 33 best papers of the conference.

The PEPSI doctoral research project

This doctoral research project aims:

  • To analyse the processes upstream of incubators, namely the detection and selection of projects/entrepreneurs before their engagement in the so-called incubation support cycle.
  • To highlight the coherence and dynamics of the pre-incubation ecosystem as an important factor for business creation .

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