Testimony 23 February 2022

Testimony: go to Honk Kong Metropolitan University with TSM!


Don't ask yourself any more questions, go for it, you have nothing to lose!


Guillaume REMY, TSM student in the second year of the double degree International Marketing of Innovation is currently on exchange at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. He is in his third semester, his second consecutive semester in Hong Kong. Discover his testimony!


  • Why did you choose to take a double degree and not a standard TSM degree in which you could have done a semester or a year of university exchange?

At first, I didn’t consider studying for a double degree to be honest, as I was not aware of this opportunity. I was planning to take a standard degree and to do a gap year abroad between the two years of the Master's degree to refine my choice for the M2. When Prof. Lars Meyer Waarden presented this new double degree in partnership with renowned Asian universities, I did not hesitate for a second to apply. It was an opportunity for me to live an adventure abroad, to follow courses in two renowned universities and finally to obtain two quality degrees.


  • Why this destination and this partner university in particular?

I chose to apply to HKMU because I wanted to study International Marketing and Management, the programme offered at HKMU appealed to me and the city of Hong Kong is a key hub for international exchanges. HKMU was also the only partner university to offer an MBA (Master of Business Administration). I also considered the political context: Hong Kong was handed back to China a few years ago now but still benefits from the "one country, two systems" policy, which ensures greater freedom of expression and movement. Also, the English heritage is still present and there are many expats here, so it's quite comfortable.


  • Do you have an unusual or funny story to tell us about your discovery of the cultural differences between Hong Kong and France?

I never thought I would miss our food, cheese and wine so much! The culture is the opposite of French culture in almost every way! Meals are often taken quite quickly in small restaurants. Chicken feet, fish balls and other typical Hong Kong street-food dishes are really surprising. Also, they drive on the left (the English heritage), I almost got run over more than once! Otherwise, you just have to be open and respect the culture of your host country, it's always enriching and that's why we travel abroad!


  •  Is the person you were before you went to Hong Kong the same person you are now?

Absolutely not! And I sincerely believe that this is the case for all my classmates here. During an exchange programme, you obviously meet people from your host country but also other students with different ages, different backgrounds and different cultures. So you can only grow and develop. I was quite independent before I left but now I am totally independent, you learn to live thousands of kilometres away from your family and your usual friends. You also become more open. What is also quite pleasant is that many students from different backgrounds are living the same experience at the same time, so we all evolve together and we live very intense moments which will remain forever engraved in our memories! We all share this interlude in our lives! 


  • Have your career objectives evolved since you have been studying at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University?

Before going to Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to do an internship which allowed me to refine my career objectives in a way, and my will is to return to this company after my experience here. However, I am keeping my options open. Studying here has allowed me to develop my career plan and has above all allowed me to realise that a career plan is never certain or fixed: it constantly evolves according to the people I meet and the experiences I have. You must never close off avenues and remain curious! Now that I'm living this adventure and taking the courses at HKMU, I'm sure I want to work in a multicultural structure operating internationally, as for the rest, I go by feeling!


  • Do you have any message or advice for a student who is wondering about the value of taking a double degree with a foreign university?

There are literally only advantages! Two quality degrees in two years, a significant experience abroad (8 months) and moreover (in my case) in Asia. So you, student wondering about the added value of pursuing a double degree programme with a foreign university: don't ask yourself any more questions, go for it, you have nothing to lose! 


  • How did you prepare for this experience abroad?

I have never been so organised in my life! The key words are organisation and patience:

Organisation, because the administrative formalities can be tedious (Visa, university registration, PCR tests, vaccination, plane tickets, logistics...). You have to be quite reactive and flexible, and take into account the time difference which can be a barrier, as well as the language.

Patience, because obviously, in the current context, countries open and close their borders and sanitary measures evolve every week in every country, so unforeseen events can occur. But don’t be discouraged! 


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