International 9 June 2022

Testimonial: Travelling with the TSM doctoral programme in Finland

Thi Nguyen, PhD candidate in Strategy at TSM, recounts her PhD visiting experience at Turku School of Economics in Finland. During her time in Turku, she worked on local community resilience following a mergers & acquisition restructuring.

After months of preparation, I was ready to embark on my two-month PhD visiting at Turku School of Economics in Turku, Finland. I was warmly welcomed by professor Niina Nummela and her team. During my stay, the interactions with other scholars at Turku, the sauna culture and nature have convinced me that it was only the start of my Scandinavian adventure. 

Only two months there have helped me advance my job market paper in a significant way. I look forward to coming back to Finland and will always be deeply grateful for the personal and academic growth that Turku has given me.” 


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