Research 1 December 2017

Roxane Favier's PhD defense

Aline DEGORRE will defend her thesis on "Reconstruction discursive des carrières de pratiques œnophiles. Le cas des aficionados de vin en France et en Argentine" 

Director : Jean-Philippe GALAN

Jury members :

  • Marc FILSER
  • Eric REMY
  • Martine HLADY-RISPAL
  • Jean-Philippe GALAN
  • Anthony GALLUZZO

Abstract :

This research provides an analysis of French and Argentinean aficionados’ narratives about their career of oenophile practices. More specifically, we focus on the discursive reconstruction of these practices which reflects the appropriation process of the oenophile culture undertaken by a consumer profile located between the novice and the expert. To do so, we collected life stories from 14 French aficionados and 20 Argentinean aficionados in order to understand the meaning they retrospectively attribute to their career of oenophile practices. Our comparative analysis reveals, first of all, that the progression of the career of oenophile practices is conditioned by the dispositions activated or inhibited by the contexts experienced by aficionados and that mechanisms underlie this adjustment. Then, the subjective dimension of the career concept allows us to grasp divergent discourses in terms of value judgment. Finally, our results underline the need to involve aficionados in the process of qualifying singular goods through the establishment of responsible and autonomous judgement devices. In conclusion, this research helps to enrich the current debates on legislation governing wine consumption in France and opens up avenues about the development of wine marketing in a context of competitive pressure and transformations of wine consumption patterns.

Keywords: wine, practices, career, dispositions, context, economy of singularities, life stories