Event 15 November 2021

Annual Meeting TSM - Accountants from Occitanie


Tuesday, November 23 from 2 to 5pm

Amphi Cujas 

Parc des Anciennes Facultés

2, rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty 

31042 TOULOUSE cedex 9


On 23 November 2021 from 2 to 5 pm, TSM is organising, in partnership with the Ordre des Experts-Comptables de la région Occitanie, a meeting on the subject of Accounting, Crisis(s) and Resilience.

Beyond their professional and social legitimacy, how has the image of the profession evolved in recent years? Does institutional communication enhance the perceived image of the profession to the public? Do the internal changes in the profession contribute to the construction of a new image? How do the new generations contribute to renewing this image? How do marketing and communication strategies help chartered accountants in their conquest of new markets? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during this 27th meeting between the Ordre des Experts Comptables and Toulouse School of Management (TSM).

This event is open to interested students, as well as to teachers, chartered accountants and previous classes of the Control-Accounting-Audit Master. 

The previous edition focused on the theme of "the image of the accountant in the conquest of new markets". Read the report (in French).