Workshop 5 April 2022

Register for the Equity at Work World Café on 10 May 2022

TSM brings together researchers, professionals and decision-makers with experience in private or public organisations to discuss equity at work in its first World Café!


Where? When? How?

The TSM World Café will take place on May 10, 2022 from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM at the Manufacture des Tabacs of the Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

Two workshops will be proposed around the theme of equity at work:

  • The “JuDy" workshop on gender equality at work and career equity.
  • The “FairHealth" workshop on equity in management practices and health at work.

This will be an interactive and collaborative exchange where participants are invited to share their ideas and knowledge and listen to those of others.

These exchanges may lead to concrete action solutions and new collaborations with other participants !


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More about the workshops

The FairHealth workshop: The FairHealth project, supported by the French National Research Agency, seeks to better understand the links between management and physical and mental health at work, taking into account the impact of psychosocial factors on the occurrence, maintenance or aggravation of musculoskeletal disorders.

The "JuDy" workshop: The JuDy project, funded by the French National Research Agency, is part of the current societal movement to promote professional equality between women and men and explores the dynamics of justice at work.