Programmes 25 June 2020

New University Diploma: Quality of Work Life in Health

In 2020, TSM opens a new university diploma in Quality of Work Life in Health (QWL), in partnership with ASFO Grand Sud. Applications are open until September 11.


A Diploma focusing on the Quality of Work Life in the Health Sector

For more than 10 years, TSM has been a major player in the professional training of health and social sector executives. Today, in order to support health and medico-social establishments in the prevention of risks and the promotion of the quality of life at work, TSM offers staff in the sector the opportunity to improve their skills in these areas thanks to its new university diploma.


A Programme designed for Professionals in the Sector

This programme mainly prepares to define, promote and implement actions to improve the quality of life at work. It will enable health professionals to understand the various regulatory, normative and organizational dimensions of implementing a risk prevention and quality of life at work approach within their structure. This is an essential approach in a sector undergoing rapid change where the quality of life at work of personnel contributes to the quality of care.


TSM Expertise in Executive Education

Offered as part of executive education, the QWL programme relies on a variety of teaching methods (theoretical teachings, case studies, simulations, projects, etc.) and a team composed of academics in Occupational and Organisational Psychology and Law, occupational physicians, doctors of psychology and professionals (occupational psychologists and clinicians, lawyers, prevention specialists, human resource departments: HRD, etc.).


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