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The TSM Master in Finance and Doctoral Programme are EPAS-accredited

The TSM Master in Finance and Doctoral Programme have received the EPAS accreditation  for a 5-year period. This label, delivered by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), certifies the high quality of TSM programmes, which combine a rigorous academic foundation with practical insights of the professional world.


EPAS, a Prestigious Label

The EPAS accreditation is the most thorough programme accreditation system for business and management programmes that have an international perspective. EPAS covers all facets of programme provision: from its institutional, national and international environment, through its design, delivery, outcomes and impacts, to its quality assurance processes. It particularly emphasises academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, ethics and sustainability.


The Master in Finance and the Doctoral Programme, TSM's Flagship Programmes

The Master in Finance and the Doctoral Programme are TSM’s flagship international programmes. They are entirely taught in English and run by academic and administrative teams who work together to offer an educational programme of the highest internationally recognised level. 

The Master in Finance in a nutshell:

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The TSM Doctoral Programme in a nutshell:
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The Recognition of Training and Research Excellence

TSM focuses on excellence in research and education to play an active role on the international scene, so as to address management challenges and societal issues. Therefore, the Master in Finance and the Doctoral Programme are committed to the best international standards by submitting to the most rigorous auditing processes.

The excellence of these programmes is now reinforced thanks to the obtention of the EPAS label which highlights the academic rigour and excellence, employability, internationalisation and research that underpins the programmes, as well as their contribution to the reputation of the school.

According to Barbara Sporn, EPAS Director: “Combining high academic standards and a strong focus on new knowledge relevant to the world of practice, these two programmes are a great addition to the EPAS portfolio of accredited programmes. Congratulations to TSM for this achievement!””


The Master in Finance in the top 10 of EPAS-accredited Masters in Finance in the world.

According to EFMD: ”The Master in Finance is a robust academic programme with a commendable connection with the world of practice. The programme demonstrates several examples of best practices among which the use of ILOs to develop the provision but also to conduct programme delivery and assessment. The programme also offers a unique academic approach combined with the purpose of applying knowledge and skills to solving real-life problems and practical learning opportunities through internships.”


The TSM Doctoral Programme, one of the most rigorous international programmes in the world recognised by the EPAS label.

According to EFMD: “Just like its parent programmes, the Doctoral Programme is a very good programme with well-organised and institutionalised provision. It concentrates on developing candidates with rigorous research competencies in combination with the ability to identify and communicate on the practical applications of research. The programme offers a robust international learning experience through institutional networks and partners.”


Both programmes have been awarded the maximum five-year accreditation

Both programmes were competing for this accreditation for the first time. They both obtained the accreditation for a 5-year period, which is the maximal possible duration and it is rarely obtained for first-time application.

Students who graduated from these programmes or are about to join them are assured of the best international standards in terms of training and recognition on the job market.


TSM Committed for Years to the International Accreditation Processes

The international accreditation processes provided by EFMD have enabled TSM to engage since several years in a constant effort to offer high-level training programmes.

The Master in International Management has been EPAS-accredited for years, and this accreditation was renewed in April 2019 for a 5-year period.

More information on the EFMD website


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