Award 3 June 2021

Laurent Giraud, co-recipient of the Academic Prize for Management Research

Laurent Giraud, Associate Professor at TSM, received, along with 3 other researchers, the Academic Prize for Management Research awarded by Syntec Conseil and the FNEGE, in the category "New challenges of the digital transformation of companies".

The Academic Prize for Management Research (Prix de la Recherche en Management) rewards the best management research publications of the year and the best applied management research book. This prize is organised by Syntec Conseil, the professional union of consulting firms in France, in partnership with the FNEGE.

For its 12th edition, the Prize distinguishes in the category "The new challenges of the digital transformation of companies" the article "Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Management Skills: An Exploratory Study" co-authored by Laurent Giraud (TSM), Ali Zaher (IAE Lyon) and Selena Hernandez and Akram Al Ariss (Toulouse Business School). This article is currently being revised for publication in the International Journal of Information Management.


"Our paper explores how the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in organisations can affect managerial skills. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 40 experts from around the world who work with AI in Europe, California and Japan. Using thematic content analysis, we show how AI can replace or augment certain managerial skills. Furthermore, our results highlight the technical and non-technical skills that managers should develop in parallel for a successful implementation of AI. We thus complete the list of essential managerial skills and provide proposals for future research in the emerging discipline of the HRM-IA Interface."
Laurent Giraud, Associate Professor in Human Resources at TSM


A specialist in international human resource management, change management and the HRM-IA interface, Laurent Giraud has been a faculty member at TSM since 2013 and is also a researcher at TSM Research.

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