Research 24 November 2017

Laurent BUSCA's phD defense

Laurent BUSCA will defend his thesis on "Influence of Social Media Management routines on the evolution of the Internet Marketspace". 

Director : Laurent BERTRANDIAS

Jury members :

  • Isabelle Collin-Lachaud, Professeure des Universités, Université Lille 2
  • Pierre Volle, Professeur des Universités, Université Paris Dauphine
  • Bernard Cova, Professeur, Kedge Business School
  • Jean-François Trinquecoste, Professeur des Universités, Université de Bordeaux
  • Eric Vernette, Professeur des Universités, Université Toulouse Capitole


Investments dedicated to Social Media Marketing have been growing for a few years, outlining the importance of Social Media in the marketing strategy. These massive investments must cause changes on markets, either intentional or not. How are markets made up by routine marketing practices such as Social Media Management? We study the impact of routine marketing practices on markets through an application to Social Media Management. We use three qualitative methods: a four years netnographical and documentary analysis, a historical study and three sessions of interviews with Social Media Managers. Three empirical chapters outline the historical constitution of representation structures involved in digital marketing practices; the mechanism through which Social Media Manager intertwine different of these structures into their routines; the mechanism through which routines make these structures evolve. We contribute to the literature on market by showing how marketing managers enact routines that make up markets. We give managers tools to study and use different cultural structures in their digital strategy, especially on Social Media.