Event 25 March 2021

Second Edition of the Joint PhD Workshop TSM/LUMS/WHU

On 23 and 24 March 2021, the second edition of the Joint PhD Workshop organised by TSM in partnership with Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) and Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) was held. Let's take a look back at this key event of the Doctoral Programme.

Joint PhD Workshop 2021 capture d&aposécran

The Joint PhD Workshop is a workshop during which each PhD student from the three partner institutions has the opportunity to present their work. It is then commented and discussed by a PhD student from another institution.

The first edition of the Joint PhD Workshop was held in March 2019. The second edition, cancelled last year due to the health crisis, took place this year remotely. It was coordinated by WHU in conjunction with TSM and LUMS. Three specialties were represented: Accounting and Finance, Organisational Behaviour and Leadership, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Joint PhD Workshop - WHU

With more than 70 participants ( PhD students and professors from the three institutions) during the plenary sessions and about 15 participants during the parallel sessions, this edition was a success.

Joint PhD Workshop - LUMS


What our PhD students say about the Joint PhD Workshop

“As a first year researcher, the workshop has driven me into developing my research & discussion characters!
It allowed me to look at different studies from different perspectives. Now I am able to tell how researchers in other fields view my paper. I have a wider cross-disciplined lens!

Nour Ghaddar,
PhD student in Strategy & Business Development


“This joint seminar was a moment in this year where I have been waiting for it with much anticipation. In the last two days we have been able to discuss our work in a very friendly and intellectually stimulating setting. Not only did I receive very valuable feedback for my work, but I also got insights into the work of colleagues at the other universities from across different disciplines. It is an extreme pleasure to be able to follow and support the evolution of the other candidates and one's own development through this seminar. I feel very connected to my colleagues at LUMS and WHU which gives me an extreme amount of motivation, especially in these times when you could easily feel isolated.​”
Thi Quynh Thuong Nguyen
PhD student in Strategy


“A very useful event to look at what other PHD students are working on and start networking!
Emmanuel Bazzucchi,
PhD student in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour


“It was very interesting for the young doctoral student I am to see and listen to how to discuss a research paper with peers.
Despite the digital format of the event, I really enjoyed it.
Hope to attend in person next year and participate as a presenter to share with other doctoral students my observations and potential contributions.

Mathieu Petit,
PhD student in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour


“I thought the workshop was outstanding.  It provided a wonderful opportunity to share and get feedback on our developing ideas from a  knowledgeable and engaged audience.  The bulletin board for comments was inspired.  I had not seen such a feedback vehicle used before in that way and I think it was a great idea.  
I have always been grateful to have such great colleagues in Toulouse.  As a result of the conference I feel like our cohort just tripled in size with yet more caring and impressive scholars.  It is rare to have your academic network expand so significantly in just a couple of days.​”

Clark Warner,
PhD student in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour


“I thought that not only it provided us with a great opportunity to build connections beyond our institution, but also to exchange interesting research ideas. The benevolent and constructive atmosphere allowed us to receive insightful feedback which will help us move our research forward.
I also thought that Miro boards were very useful, both for preparing for the oral presentation but also for receiving written feedback that we can go back to when further developing our research paper.”

Camille Desjardins,
PhD student in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour