International 8 September 2021

Intercultural awareness workshops at TSM

At TSM, undergraduate students participate in intercultural awareness workshops to prepare for their international mobility.

An interactive workshop is offered to all undergraduates with an expert in intercultural issues, Saltoo Consult  to collectively reflect on cultural baggage, touch on beliefs and prejudices, to develop their agility and curiosity through games and images on the theme of travel.

By participating in these workshops, students gain a more concrete vision of the international scene, are made aware of intercultural communication. Their curiosity is greatly stimulated! 

The programme of these workshops includes a game on cultural beliefs and interpretations, through exchanges, debates and the sharing of experiences, as well as some elements of intercultural theory...

At TSM intercultural awareness workshops At TSM intercultural awareness workshops

At TSM intercultural awareness workshops

A positive anchor for their international project

"Discovery, questioning, exchange, conviviality, togetherness, sharing, openness, simplicity, discoveries, benevolence, acceptance, respect, exchange, love, enrichment, very interesting, sharing, travelling, happiness, warmth, cohesion, encounters, exchanges" are the words that the students choose to describe the workshop and the positive anchoring with which they all leave.

At the top of the page, the photo that the students show symbolises their vision of travel or the reason why they would like to go abroad one day.

TSM is an internationally oriented school that makes the internationalisation of its students a priority.


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