International 9 June 2022

Going to London with TSM: discover Marion's testimony

Marion Prevost, a Master 2 student in International HR Management at TSM, is completing her end-of-year internship at the London-based recruiting firm Nicholson Search & Selection Ltd. Discover her testimony !


  • What gave you the idea to complete an internship abroad?

I simply decided to go abroad to discover a new culture and to improve my English through a professional experience and an immersion in an English-speaking country.

The final year internship was really the opportunity for me to carry out this project, and I do not regret my choice at all, I am living out a great experience surrounded by great people. 


  • Why did you choose this company and this country specifically?

I chose to go to England because three years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to London and had a real crush on this city, the country and its people. I therefore focused my search for an internship in England, and it so happened that thanks to my Master 1 internship, I got in touch with the Southern European Director of Nicholson Search & Selection Ltd in London. 


  • How did you go about finding your internship, what were the challenges and how did you respond to them?

I did not encounter any particular difficulties in finding my internship, it was harder for me to get the visa (due to Brexit) as the procedure is very long. The advice I could give would be to never underestimate the network, don't hesitate to ask around for opportunities, that's how I ended up where I am now, living this great adventure! Don't give up on your research, especially if you have a favourite country in mind!


  • Can you describe your experience, your duties, the atmosphere in your company?

I am currently a Recruitment Coordinator / Consultant for the Southern European part of the search firm Nicholson Search and Selection, so my main duties are to find the best talents for start-ups and scale-ups (change of scale in a company, usually just out of its start-up phase, through a strategy of accelerated growth, often internationally)  specialised mainly in SaaS solutions. 

As for the atmosphere in my company, we are a small Franco-British team, we all get on very well and speak 100% English in our day to day even between French people, in order to allow our British counterparts to join in on our conversations. There is a great atmosphere in the team, but we don't forget to remind our British colleagues that we are stil football world champions! 


  • What professional skills and human qualities do you think you have acquired during your experience?

I have mainly developed my ability to communicate on a professional level, as I spend a lot of time contacting people across France, Italy, Spain and Germany which has also helped me improve my English. I can see a huge difference from the English I had when I left France. I also developed my sourcing (search process for recruitment. It aims to identify specific profiles that meet a list of selection criteria for a given job position) skills! 

As for my soft skills, I would say that I greatly improved my self-confidence and it is still a work in progress! 


  • What are the challenges you face and how do you address them?


In my work, the challenges I face are mainly competition as there are many firms around the world so I have to be quick while also staying efficient! In my personal life, the main challenge is not to get stuck if a word in English doesn't come to mind. In this case one should detail their idea or try to use another word. What I like about English people is that they will always try to understand you, they adapt their way of speaking according to your level (speed of speech, change their expressions or words if you don't understand what they mean without making fun of you etc.)  


  • What advice would you give a student hesitating to look for an internship abroad?

Don't hesitate, don't be afraid to go, now is the time to do it! I was afraid to leave my family, my friends, to be homesick, which was not the case at all because I met great people through my work but also outside of work, people of my age that I met through parties or through people I met in London. Don't be shy, go up to people, they will welcome you with open arms especially if they see you are new in the country, sharing your culture is the best thing to make strong friendships abroad!