Research 5 July 2022

European M&A Institute (eM&Ai) : promote research on mergers and acquisitions

Nicola Mirc and Audrey Rouzies, both researchers at Toulouse School of Management, are behind the creation of the European M&A Institute (eM&Ai) with HEC Lausanne and Lancaster University Management School, an institute that promotes research on mergers and acquisitions in Europe. 


Facilitating access to research results

In 2021, M&A activity was at an all-time high, reaching a global value of 5.2 trillion euros. However, the outcome of these deals remains uncertain, with the failure rate typically ranging from 50% to 70%.

In May 2022, Nicola Mirc and Audrey Rouzies, both researchers at TSM, launched the European M&A Institute (eM&Ai). This institute was born from the desire to capitalise on the expertise of the best European researchers working on mergers and acquisitions. It brings together some fifty researchers and doctoral students based in fifteen European countries.

The Institute defends a European vision of research in close connection with companies. The aim is to conduct research in partnership with companies, to support them in their M&A strategy and to facilitate their access to research results.


A European database

Since May 2022, a survey has been conducted among European companies that have conducted a merger or acquisition in 2021. 4,700 companies from 20 European countries are currently surveyed. The analysis of the survey results will highlight current trends in European M&A and the main concerns of acquirers, particularly in the context of the health crisis.

The survey will be repeated annually and will include new acquirers where appropriate. In this way, valuable data will be collected over time to gradually build up the most comprehensive M&A database in Europe.

The research conducted by the European M&A Institute covers all stages of an M&A transaction, but also other strategic decisions such as corporate restructuring, management of business divestitures and management of alliances.


The role of TSM-Research in the eM&Ai

This collective initiative is supported by three founding institutions: Toulouse School of Management (TSM), HEC Lausanne and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

TSM Research, the research laboratory of Toulouse School of Management, is one of the three CNRS research laboratories in management in France. It brings together 47 teacher-researchers who regularly publish the results of their research in the world's best scientific journals in management.