Graduation 14 December 2021

Discover the replay of the TSM graduation ceremony

On December 11th, the graduation ceremony for the 2020 and 2021 TSM students was held. This highly anticipated event was a solemn occasion to share pride, emotion and conviviality.

The TSM teams were mobilised to offer you a memorable and emotional ceremony. You can now relive this exceptional moment thanks to the replay available on the TSM YouTube channel:


Watch the replay


The ceremony in figures


More than 800 students, teachers and partners attended the graduation ceremony organised by TSM on 11 December. 40 valedictorians came to be honoured and nearly 300 students, for the year 2020, and 400 students, for the year 2021, came to celebrate the acquisition of their diploma at the Zénith in Toulouse.

In addition, the streaming of the ceremony generated 13,500 live views with a peak of 660 viewers online!


Thank you all for making this event unforgettable!


Graduation class 2020

Graduation class 2020

Graduating class 2021

Graduation class 2021


An event that was held, as much as possible, according to the sanitary rules in force.